5 Tips To Eat Out, Date And Lose Weight

Lose Weight

One of the biggest challenges when you are dating someone and trying to lose weight at the same time is controlling your diet. Dating involves going out a lot, and when you are out, you eat. Besides, you will rarely find couples spending a romantic evening at a dieters’ salad bar. The fun places are pizza parlors, movie theaters, cafes, steak houses, bars and pubs, and restaurants that serve great dessert. None of these will help your weight loss goals. However, before you begin to think that the choice is weight loss or dating, here are some tips that should help you do both together.

Weight Lose

Share Your Aspirations

One reason most people abandon their weight loss effort while dating is because they don’t want to come across as someone too picky and choosy about how they have fun and what they eat. You may be afraid that your date will get turned off if you refuse a coke and popcorn at the movies or the opportunity to share a triple sundae after your meal.

However, keep in mind that suppressing your ambition is the worst way to start a relationship. Make trust the foundation of what you are starting and share your weight loss goals with your partner. For all you know, he/she may even encourage and help you to achieve your goals.

Choose Your Date Spots Wisely

You should take advantage of the fact that a lot of restaurants have warmed up to the fact that a large proportion of people want to lose weight. There is no dearth of menus that feature small portion meals, dieter’s choices and calorie counts for their food and beverages. So, choose a place and a meal that you won’t feel guilty about, and choose in advance. It is easy to do with the internet. You wouldn’t want to be fussing at the last minute, with your date looking on!

Portion Control

People who are mildly overweight would be able to drop their excess pounds just by cutting back on their meal portions by 15 to 20%. This is not very hard to do, if you are simply conscious of what you are eating and in what quantities. At restaurants, try to order smaller meals and kids’ portions. With the way serving sizes are these days, most kids’ meals actually contain the right calorie count for an adult.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

This is a very important point on the subject of dating and weight loss. When you are out having fun, the easiest thing to forget is water. Dehydration slows your metabolism, and often your body misinterprets thirst as hunger, and you end up overeating. All this will only hinder your weight loss efforts unnecessarily. So, make sure you keep yourself hydrated. If you don’t want to spend too much money buying water bottles, carry your own.


Snack Before You Go Out

If you munch a healthy snack such as a couple of fruits, a low-calorie fiber-rich energy bar or a handful of nuts such as almonds and walnuts, you will not only improve your nutrient balance and you overall health, but you will also be able to control your hunger pangs. One of the worst things you can do when you are trying to lose weight is entering a restaurant completely famished.


If you practice these eating out tips, it is guaranteed that dating and weight loss will not appear to be such an incompatible combination. Stay focused, have a lot of fun and respect your goals!