SEO Marketing Club brings us the next launch


After the launch debacle of the social media, an elite club was some weeks rest on the launch front. It seemed the scene was licking her wounds. Furthermore, Heiko Häusler was missing, about whom I was already seriously worried. There was nowhere to hear or see anything from him. Today finally reached a mail my mailbox. Although it did not announce the delivery of the long-awaited Businessmasterboxes but gave a sign of life in the form of a product recommendation by Heiko Häusler. What did he recommend? – The search engine marketing club of Florian Pertl, who today launched the launch with his first presentation video.

I can only speculate on what exactly is going on at the moment. I’m typing on a member system called “VIP Affiliate” or “Social Media Elite” Club.

Who is the provider of the SEO Marketing Club?

A glance at the imprint reveals amazing facts: Netzverdienst AG, Berlin. Responsible according to §55 Abs 2 RSTG is Florian Pertl. According to the imprint, this leads to the conclusion that Netzverdienst AG is the organizer and operator of this club and Florian Pertl only assumes responsibility for the content of the video. Thus, we are dealing with Heiko Häusler and his Netzverdienst AG as a contract partner. Whether it would not be more appropriate to finish the business master boxes first and deliver them before starting another major project, I would prefer not to comment here.

Maybe you can bring more light into the darkness here. In any case, I stay tuned and try to get information from Netzverdienst AG or Florian Pertl about who should be the real operator of this club.

Let us now deal with the first launch video.

Launch Video 1: The Google Formula

Florian Pertl speaks in the first launch video of “by far the simplest, best and smartest traffic option”. By this, he means Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He wants to show in his course step by step how daily hundreds or even thousands targeted Google visitors can lure to his pages. For this, he would have a formula that is “very easy” to implement.

By way of example, he shows at the niches “earning money” or “losing weight” what he means: Here is his example calculation for the niche (is more likely a market than a niche) “make money”. Based on the expected clicks per month at a purchase rate of 5% (very optimistic!) And a VP of 29 €.

SEO Marketing Club

Here he shows what would be achieved monetarily when reaching the various page 1 placement. ONLY, these placements you have to get first and there are now just exactly 10 positions on page 1 and thousands of competitors, with some also highly optimized websites. Where Florian Pertl is certainly right. Google traffic is the best and most targeted traffic you can get. And that completely free, if you can manage to rank well.

Comparison between SEO and Google Adwords

Florian Pertl compares this with the comparison to Google Adwords. According to a study (which, please?), Adwords ads on the first page of search results only account for between 11-13% of all clicks. This may be doubted. I appreciate the proportion much higher. I’ll take a screenshot of a small Adwords campaign that I ran myself last July and August. Here I had a CTR of 12% on average placement at position 4 for the main keyword I started the ads on. All search terms combined still had a CTR of 8.5%.

SEO Marketing Club

Suppose, If you had owned an internet marketing company and were going to open the account of Florian Pertl now, I would have had a conversion of 5% and 11000 visitors and 29 € about 15950 € in revenue recorded. Well, it was for 2 months, then about 8000 euros per month. The expenditure of scarcely 400 € falls there so not so much in the weight. Already significantly more than what Florian Pertl had calculated in SEO placement 2. And with SEO is never sure if you also come to his keyword actually in second place.

Let’s make the Adwords bill even more concrete with the example of the niche “making money”.

SEO Marketing Club

Of course, we do not rank first, as Florian Pertl suggests, that would be complete nonsense and at such sales prices business suicide. We are modest and offer 40 cents. According to the Google Traffic Estimator, this will cost us 24 cents per click and bring 38 daily visitors.

Again, the well-known CR of 5%, we come to 57 monthly orders. The revenue of 1653 is still the Adwordskosten of about 280 €. So there are 1350 euros left. I do not think so bad about SEO. After all, you can buy the placements at SEM, while the resulting SEO is initially uncertain.

At least as long as the search engine positions are not reached, the use of Adwords should always be considered, as long as the click prices are still within reasonable limits. Of course, you should always keep an eye on the CR, if you do not want to go for it.

Well, Florian Pertl, or the AG, want to sell an SEO Member course. Since you have to let Adwords look bad, even if that in this package is certainly nonsense.

He also goes into the Facebook traffic, which he rightly considers me to be less qualified and goal-oriented.


Surely you have noticed that I have been very restrained in the evaluation of the offer so far. Undoubtedly, it is also desirable to obtain good search engine positions. But targeting and free traffic is simply too valuable.

The question of what this course of Florian Pertl actually worth, cannot be answered at this time, for lack of reliable information. A short ranking check on Google for the keys “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO” does not reveal a page by Florian Pertl. Always to speak such a thing of a “Google formula”, which one allegedly owns, and even to the relevant search terms not entwines.

Furthermore, I believe that Heiko Häusler should first of all take care of delivering the business master boxes completely and without errors before throwing other products and projects on the market.

I’ll stay tuned and watch future videos. Vllt will then clearer, which is offered to us this time.