Seven Reasons Why You Want To Outsource Work Online

Outsource work Online

Would you like to cutback your office expenses? outsourcing might just be the best strategy to use. What is outsourcing all about? It refers to the art of delegating part of your office work to an outsider. The outsider in this case can be online freelancer companies or individuals. Companies that are using the traditional recruitment mechanisms even now are not able to evade some labor costs. Perhaps you are facing the same problem in your company.

As long as you have employees there are extra expenses you must incur to keep them productive.

For instance, you have to provide ergonomic office equipment, conduct performance reviews to offer perks and benefits, pay for holidays and health benefits and follow what the laws of employment requires. The businesses that have joined global outsourcing are now enjoying cheap labor and few legal issues than those that are still recruiting offline.

Outsourcing Work Online

Why should you use outsourcing companies?

There are many reasons why you want to contract part of your office work outside the company itself.

1. Conducting performance appraisal is unnecessary – When you use web freelance services, there are some tasks that you do not have to fulfill. For instance, you are not required by the law to conduct regular performance appraisals of your freelancers. You can use any basis to offer bonuses or perks to the best contractors. What is more, you are not obliged by any law or any person to give bonuses.

2. You do not have to pay health benefits – Dealing with work at home staff is very enjoyable. As of now there is no law that authorizes freelance employers to buy health insurance or provide any other benefits to their global workers.

3. No need to provide any special perks or benefits – outsourcers have no obligations to give free holidays to their freelance employees or even plan end year parties or cocktail events. Freelancers and employers do not necessarily live in the same country and they form a work relationship without ever meeting face to face.

4. No need to provide office supplies and equipment – Hired employees require computers, stationery, ergonomic chairs and benches, clean water, clean lavatories, and so many other things. These are some of the reasons why you want to outsource work to companies or individuals who do not need your office supplies. All they need is pay for a job well done.


5. There is no need to worry about industrial court complains – When you look for people who are looking for freelance jobs, you can avoid industrial court cases. Offline workers often join labor unions that would sue a company for mistreating workers. As of now there are no internet labor unions that fight for the rights of freelance laborers. I have not heard of any such union, have you?

6. You can recruit the required worker quickly – Jobs can be outsourced quickly and effectively on the web because of the recruitment mechanisms in place. For instance, you can use freelance jobs websites to hire the necessary employee within a day. The recruitment process using the bureaucratic mechanisms can take weeks to succeed.

7. You can switch workers as you please – Since there are very many professionals at various freelancing job sites, you can drop any worker that does not seem good at his or her work and hire another one right away.

This Video tells You how to Outsource Work Online