The Importance of Blog Reviews in the Link Building Campaign

link building

Some people tend to visit famous bloggers to get a second opinion on whether to use particular products and services. It is no wonder , any link building campaign must incorporate a blog review service. Reviews that come from secondary sources are likely to be trusted by the reader as opposed to those originating from the service provider. This is why many businesses are targeting blog reviews as a better strategy to selling their products and services.

Link Building

Blog reviews are important especially when written by professional content writers well aware of the engaging phrases used in SEO. Blog reviews can be the additional factor a website requires for it to appear into the limelight. A good blog review service will result into natural traffic to your site. Your products and services will get visibility since quality blog reviews generate constant one way links to your website like Solarmovie.

The reviews must be SEO friendly, should only engage positive content regarding the website and must be posted with the appropriate anchor text. An anchor text is basically code inside the link to your website that contains certain keywords used to optimize the receiving page you are linking to. It is a very important aspect in link building since it gives the website a higher ranking by emphasizing on the keywords of the site.

In addition, the blog review should be wisely crafted by the reviewer. It is only through quality blog reviews that the website in question can focus on getting a high PR. The best blog review service will only offer manually written blog reviews. The submission should also be done manually if the website is targeting a high PR.

When writing the blog reviews, the writer should come up with creative versions of the anchor texts and differentiate subordinate clauses from sentence fragments. The choice of keywords and keyword phrases should also be done wisely with a variety of up to 3 anchor texts for each blog. The trick here is to maximize the keyword use when posting each blog and maintaining the interest and originality of the content.

Blog reviews should also be carried out with contextual backlinks in mind. Linking to blog sites with themes unrelated to your own site may work against you on most search engines. The links should always come from websites with related content. Most search engines will favor websites that have a few links of other websites or web pages that fall within a similar theme to the site in question. If there are any disparities with the themes of these websites, the search engine may take it as a violation of its system. This is why linking to similar content sites is greatly advised.

If the blog reviews are placed in quality blog sites, it enhances the opportunity of your website ending up on the SERP. This so happens when the blog reviews contain anchor texts that are SEO friendly and act as links that increase the page rankings. One thing that is for sure is that, users are likely to trust information from a third party regarding your site. Bearing this in mind, choose blog review services that