Top 4 Web Applications to Watch TV and Movies

Watch Tv And Movies

In a world engulfed in the illegal downloading of TV shows and movies, a handful of websites offer a more respectable solution for catching up on Desperate Housewives and accessing an instant database of Red Box’s DVD collection. There are a great number of couch potatoes climbing aboard the web application bandwagon to watch TV and movies on devices such as the popular iPad, arguably at a small price to pay. iPad users looking for the latest TV and movies on web applications simply need to put up with just a few seconds of commercials at set intervals. Obviously, some web applications are better than others and our list of the most popular video-watching apps for the iPad should help you pick the perfect one for you.

1. Hulu

Watch TV and Movies on hulu

A wide variety of licensed content pushes Hulu to the top of our list as the most popular website to watch TV and movies. Full episodes of popular shows, full-length movies and documentaries are only the beginning for users logging on to this powerhouse site. A joint venture of not only premium networks including ABC, Fox and Universal-NBS but also Comedy Central, PBS, Scyfy and USA Network, Hulu brings users some of the best content cable TV can offer, all at the push of a button. Hulu users can even take a sneak peek into the box office with access to trailers for upcoming movies.You Can Also Watch Movies on Coke And Popcorn Platform

A great web application would fail to impress without widgets, but Hulu takes care of this powerful feature. Users can embed widgets onto the iPad, subscribe to new episodes and put all of them into a queue. No web service is perfect and limited access to new TV shows proves to be the Achilles Heel of Hulu.

2. Fancast

Watch TV and Movies on fancast


Blockbuster Video closings across the country left fans of renting movies and TV shows searching for new in-home entertainment options on a quiet Saturday night. Fancast features an online store that enables users to rent (or buy) movies and TV shows on demand through download, closing the gap between visiting the box office and watching Jersey Shore reruns. Fancast users can expect a lot of overlap between this popular website and Hulu as Fancast relies quite heavily on Hulu for its content. Still, this is a small price to pay for premium, on-demand entertainment.

3. Joost

Watch TV and Movies on joost


MTV reality shows have left fans of music videos without a go-to channel for quite some time. In addition to hosting TV shows and movies, Joost features music videos that bring those fans back home. Joost offers another noteworthy feature – social integration. Users are encouraged to interact and share favorite videos with friends. Feel free to create a list of friends and groups of friends, or simply scan the JoostFeed for the most popular content.

4. Veoh

Watch TV and Movies on veoh


Like Fancast, Veoh pulls much of its content from Hulu but still offers users access to TV shows and movies unique to the site. What places Veoh into a position of desire is the ability to download and record shows on a PC for watching at a later date – but that’s not all. Veoh users can also upload their own videos via YouTube, interact through discussion forms and messaging, and even embed content on their own blogs.